Toolbox description:


During the project the Eng@ge partners have developed several learning resources such as a modular training programme in different languages, case studies and a learning framework. All this information has been collected and added to the digital toolbox for trainers. The trainers can use these resources to foster a new entrepreneurial way of thinking based on the circular economy concept.

The innovative training toolbox will bring the resources together so that they can be easily accessed in a uniform way by the trainers or any other interested party.

In the toolbox you will be able to find: the curriculum designed by the partners, the learning framework guiding you to form training paths, case studies and learning material.

This tool will ensure an easy way to transfer results to other economic fields generating new business models, based on improved production design and processes, new way of consumption, waste management and transfer from waste to resources.

The final aim is for the Eng@ge partnership to help trainers in transferring skills and case-studies related to the circular economy so as to help foster European green entrepreneurs.

ERASMUS+PROJECT 2016 – 1RO01-KA202-024493