Toolbox description:


During the project lifetime partners will produce an innovative /modular training content & and a digital toolbox for trainers aiming at a new entrepreneurial way of thinking based on the circular economy concept.

This innovative training toolbox will consist of a number of different training tools and case-studies such as: e-Learning content, case-studies, templates, Augmented Reality (AR) content aso, that can used by stakeholders and will be in Web Portal (part of the LMS) form. This instrument will ensure an easy way to transfer results to other economic fields generating new business models, based on improved production design and processes, new way of consumption, waste management and transfer from waste to resources. The tools used to create it will be:  Internet, authoring software, website, LMS, augmented reality, curriculum, modular elearning training units, case studies, templates.

The web portal will bring the resources present in the toolbox together so that they can be easily accessed in a uniform way.

Through this digital training toolbox, the Eng@ge partnership will be able to help trainers in transferring skills and case-studies related to the circular economy so as to help foster European green entrepreneurs.

ERASMUS+PROJECT 2016 – 1RO01-KA202-024493