About the project:


About the project:

The Eng@ge project is motivated by the problem that the vast use of resources used by mankind is growing due to global population growth and increasing living standards. The project will develop an open digital training toolbox to exploit the concept of circular economy as a basis for green entrepreneurship.

Specific objectives:

O1. To understand the training needs of VET( vocational education and training) stakeholders in the partner countries with respect to the circular economy and its benefits to society and business by assessing at least 70 stakeholders;

O2. To develop a framework/curriculum that can address the needs identified in O1;

O3: To develop an open and innovative digital training toolbox supporting the training framework/curriculum established in O2, consisting of a set of digital training tools/methods and six relevant case-studies  providing trainers with the means to adopt their training approach to the needs of different learners;

O4: To carry out 1 pilot test and improve the innovative digital training toolbox developed in O3;

O5: To disseminate and exploit the results of the Eng@ge  project and in particular ensure this innovative digital training toolbox is openly available to at least 10000 other persons.



  1. Project management and quality plan;
  2. Monitoring, dissemination and meeting reports;
  3. Circular Economy Training needs analysis Report;
  4. Survey Report Identifying Six Case-studies of the Circular Economy;
  5. Six Case-Studies on the Circular Economy;
  6. Curriculum for a Modular Trainers’ Course on the Circular Economy;
  7. Modular Trainers Course content on ‘Circular Economy for Green Entrepreneurs; :
  8. Modular Trainers E-learning Course on ‘Circular Economy for Green Entrepreneurs;
  9. Framework Of How To Apply the CE Training Toolbox Content;
  10. Prototype Eng@ge Circular Economy Digital Training Toolbox;
  11. CE Training Tool Box Pilot Testing Evaluation Report;
  12. Eng@ge e-learning Management system: Set of Circular Economy (CE) Trainers Templates;
  13. Final CE Digital Training toolbox;
  14. Eng@ge Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy (strategy, press conferences, social media posts, newsletters);
  15. 9 multiplier events organised by the consortium in all partner countries;
  16. Pilot training in Romania.

ERASMUS+PROJECT 2016 – 1RO01-KA202-024493