Circular €conomy Digital Training Toolbox to Foster Innovative Green Entrepreneurship- ENG@GE

The aim of the Eng@ge partnership is to improve green entrepreneurial culture in Europe by providing VET stakeholders with knowledge about the circular economy.  The project will develop an open digital training toolbox through which educators can prepare individuals to exploit the concept of the Circular Economy as a basis for green entrepreneurship. This innovative toolbox will consist of a number of different training tools and case studies that learners will be able to use, according to their specific needs and aspirations. Through this digital training toolbox, the Eng@ge partnership aspires to help trainers in transferring skills and case studies related to the Circular Economy so as to foster European green entrepreneurship.

Target Group

The project’s primary target group, VET trainers, will be able to exploit the €ng@ge digital training toolbox to transfer knowledge on the Circular Economy and also business skills to the secondary target group, the individual VET learners that want to become green entrepreneurs.  The final target group is those stakeholders interested in exploiting the Circular Economy concept as a basis for setting up their own business or in improving their current business model.

ERASMUS+PROJECT 2016 – 1RO01-KA202-024493